​New Media Online Marketing
is your Agency Solution for
Local Leads & Follow Up

​We direct leads and traffic to your business!
Maximum sales impact starts with the correct strategy
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Database Building & Marketing
  • ​24/7 Customer Communication

​Finding, Communicating with,
& Following Up with Your LEADS!


  • ​Multi-Channel lead generation for your business
  • ​Generate daily qualified leads via phone and email
  • ​Get new clients from all of our system


  • ​Create massive local awareness and social presence
  • ​Generate a real ROI  from Facebook
  • ​Build a list of prospects
  • ​Communicate with them automatically 24/7
  • ​Generate appointments and sales


  • ​Continuous and Regular Follow Up creates Top of Mind Awareness
  • ​80% of all Sales are awarded sometime after a first time offer was made
  • ​Our Automated Systems means a completely Hands-off approach for you!